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At AJH Wealth Management, we believe everyone needs a financial strategy to guide them and keep them on track toward their goals. We strive to help clients establish their goals in life, determine their assets and liabilities, and evaluate their current financial position. From there, we develop and implement a financial roadmap that integrates their short and long-term objectives.

Our services include:

Investment Management

We build a customized and diversified portfolio that complements your other planning concerns. Rather than chase the markets, we focus on a long-term approach that emphasizes diversification. Our goal is to help clients receive the highest rate of return based on their comfortable level of risk. We offer clients access to numerous top money management firms and investments they may not have otherwise, including a wide variety of traditional and alternative investment classes.

Financial Planning Strategies

Preparing for the future can be overwhelming. A financial strategy may be able to alleviate some of the stress. In creating a financial strategy, we help clients establish their goals in life, determine their assets and liabilities, and evaluate their current financial position. From there, we can implement a strategy and monitor regularly.

Retirement Planning

Many of our clients planning for retirement are focused on preserving their wealth and creating a consistent income stream that lasts through retirement. We seek to identify opportunities for building a consistent income that will last through retirement and help clients determine when they may be able to retire. The retirement income planning process often includes analyzing income sources, managing assets, determining future expenses, and estate planning.

Estate Planning

Many individuals, couples, and families don’t just want to make their assets last for their lifetimes; they want to leave a legacy for their heirs in a tax-efficient manner. However, the financial side of estate planning is often overlooked and can have a significant impact on one's family. We can assist clients in articulating their estate planning needs and coordinate the work of other professionals who may be needed, including attorneys and CPAs.

Tax and legal services are not offered by Kovack Securities, Inc., or affiliated advisors. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax or legal advisor.

College Planning

Many parents and grandparents want to plan for future college funding while still saving for their retirement. We seek to strike a balance between the immediate need for college planning and future retirement goals. We can help clients determine appropriate strategies for their family, be it a 529 plan, Educational IRA, Coverdell Educational Savings Plan, or other option.


As individuals age, the need for insurance may increase. Products like life and long-term care insurance are two ways individuals can protect their family and assets. With so many available programs and plans, it can be difficult to determine an appropriate solution. We can help clients determine appropriate options.

Planning After the Loss of a Significant Other

One of the most devastating life events one faces is the loss of a spouse, whether expected or unexpected, and even the best preparation cannot soften the emotional blow. One of the first steps is organizing financial documents. We help clients determine where they are financially, how to adjust their budgeting, and reevaluate their short and long-term goals, from paying for a child's tuition to estate planning. We can also work with clients' CPAs and attorneys to coordinate other financial needs. In this emotionally trying time, we understand how important it is for widows and widowers to feel comfortable discussing their challenges and fears. Working together, we give our clients our undivided attention and the time for them to ask any questions they may have.

Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce is an emotionally heightened time when people are forced to make pivotal decisions regarding their future. With a myriad of issues to sort out, it can affect every aspect of one's life - especially their finances. We believe clients can feel more confident and in control of their options knowing they have an experienced advocate who can help them understand the overall impact their settlement will have on their life. We work with clients to evaluate the long-term effects of the settlement and create a long-term plan for their financial future based on their new financial situation.