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Who is Kovack Securities, Inc.?

At AJH Wealth Management, our team of advisors are supported by Kovack Securities, Inc. (KSI), a Privately Owned Independent Broker-Dealer. KSI, and their sister company, Kovack Advisors, Inc. (KAI), serve as a partners to our advisors, helping us better serve our clients. Through our partnership with KSI and KAI, we have access to a wide range of operational and custodian services, industry-leading technology and trade clearing services, and market research. KSI aims to reduce the complexity of running our firm so we can focus less on the many business details and more on our clients and helping them with their needs. For more information about KSI, please visit

Why Kovack Securities, Inc.?

Our advisors have aligned with Kovack Securities, Inc. (KSI) because we share a common belief: that independence is key when it comes to managing clients’ assets. At AJH Wealth Management, our sole focus is on serving our clients and acting in their best interests. With the support of KSI, we have the freedom to provide objective investment advice and objective recommendations. We do not have any quotas to meet, and we are not tied to proprietary products. We only create strategies that we believe appropriately align with a client’s individual needs.